Activity 4 – Guest Posts

For this weeks activity I watched and read a post about something quite important. Ms Smith did a post all about prepare for different disasters and scenarios. This post ( was not only informative but also clear and entertaining. There is also a survey that you can all take part in. Here are some of my tips on preparing for an emergency that I learnt from Ms Smith.

To prepare for an emergency you need to know what you are preparing for. You need to know how the emergency can be prevented and how it can start. Then you need to make a plan for each scenario that could possibly happen. A good way to do this is have an assembly point within or near your property. Last but never least is making an emergency kit. Emergency kits are very important as you need to be prepared and ready to leave your home and maybe some things that you need. Some key ingredients are; first aid kits, food and water.

Here is my comment I posted on Ms Smiths post:

Dear Ms Smith,

I found this blog post very informative and clear about how we should prepare for emergencies. The survey got me really motivated to learn and hear about my emergency plans and kits at school and home.
I have made a post on my blog on some tips for being prepared for emergencies!

-Alana x

One thought on “Activity 4 – Guest Posts

  1. Hi Alana,
    Thanks for the handy tips to prepare for an emergency. Are you prepared for a zombie apocalypse though?
    From Mrs D

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